Photo of the Day

A new Oregon-related photo every weekday from The Oregonian in Portland, Oregon.

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  1. NEWPORT, OREGON-DEC. 6, 2013—The beach is coated with snow in Newport after a wintry storm delivered snow overnight and Friday morning at the Oregon coast. In Newport, about 1-2 inches of snow accumulated at the beach. Photo by Randy L. Rasmussen/The Oregonian

  2. A family warms by the fire on the beach in Taft, Oregon, Sun, Mar 25, 2012. Photo by Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian

  3. A massive dock that landed this week on Agate Beach more than a year after the Japan tsunami ripped it from its moorings is raising all kinds of questions about how to dismantle it and what to do with countless organisms that hitched a ride onboard. But none of the questions is quite so vexing as this: How does something 66 feet long by 19 feet wide by 7 feet tall float thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean without anyone seeing it? Photo by Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian

  4. The Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport adopted a sea otter pup found in Morro Bay, Calif., after its mother was likely eaten by a shark. Aquarium mammalogist Johanna Black feeds “Otter 564” in preparation for his introduction to the general otter population at the aquarium, which happened May 8, 2012. Photo by Randy L. Rasmussen/The Oregonian

  5. Mary and David Legan of Salem celebrated their one year anniversary by coming to Lincoln City. They have been going their for years, feeding the pigeons in the Delake section of the city. Five independent communities joined together in 1965 to form Lincoln City: Oceanlake, Delake, Nelscott, Taft and Cutler City. Photo by Beth Nakamura/The Oregonian

  6. Terri Kramer of Forest Grove, umbrella and trash bag in hand, took part in the annual SOLVE Spring Oregon Beach Cleanup Saturday. Photo by Ross William Hamilton/The Oregonian

  7. Families enjoy a mild night of weather on the beach in Lincoln City, Ore., Sat, Mar 24, 2012, to start off Spring Break. Photo by Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian

  8. Zac Mallon performs with a lighted contact staff on Nye Beach as the sun sets. Photo by Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian

  9. A beachgoer gets a taste of the elements at Nye Beach in Newport, Ore., on Thursday, February 16, 2012. Winter weather in Oregon can be predictably wet…or not. Photo by Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian