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A new Oregon-related photo every weekday from The Oregonian in Portland, Oregon.

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  1. HILLSBORO, OREGON - AUGUST 22, 2014 — Mitch, 5, Paige, 7, and their mom Molly Johnson, from Cornelius, all watch while the Australian walking stick is shown to them.  Zoo Animal Presenters (ZAP), teenage interns from the Oregon Zoo, brought five animals to the Hillsboro Shute Park Branch Library to let children and adults touch and ask questions.    Photo by Benjamin Brink/The Oregonian

  2. PORTLAND, OREGON - FEBRUARY 25, 2014 - Oregon zoo keepers have been caring for a trio of cougar cubs since early last month, when an Eastern Oregon hunter killed their mother. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife rescued them. These cubs, two females and a male, arrived at the zoo Jan. 10 dehydrated and hungry. They weighed only a couple pounds each. Keepers and the zoo’s veterinary staff rotated through shifts so the cubs were fed every four hours around the clock. Now healthy and frisky, the cougars, their fur golden with dark spots, are nearly ready to move on. The first week of March, the zoo expects to ship the cubs to their new home at the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, N.C.  Benjamin Brink/Staff Photographer

  3. PORTLAND, OREGON - FEBRUARY 25, 2014 - Three black bear cubs are being cared for by Oregon Zoo staff after being saved by loggers. A logging crew accidentally came upon a bear den in a hollowed-out log. It is thought that the logging operations spooked the mother into abandoning her cubs. The mother returned briefly but did not return again.The cubs were moved to the Oregon Zoo on Friday, Feb. 21 and are being kept in the hospital until they are located at another zoo. Photo by Benjamin Brink/The Oregonian

  4. PORTLAND, OREGON - JUNE 28, 2013 - The five new Humboldt penguin chicks that hatched at the Oregon Zoo this spring have begun to emerge from their nest boxes and explore the surroundings. The young penguins are easy to identify: they are not the stark black and white of adult Humboldts — notably the distinctive horseshoe-shaped band in the chest area. Irwin, the chick named for Australian wildlife expert and “crocodile hunter” Steve Irwin, waddles over the rocky terrain and darts through the clear water of the zoo’s penguinarium. Penguins start swimming right away. It is the first time in four years visitors are able to see penguin chicks in Portland. Photo by Benjamin Brink/The Oregonian

  5. This is the newly born North American river otter, who just today got his name - Molalla, or Mo for short, after the Molalla River. A bit more than 4 ounces at birth on Jan. 28, Molalla now weighs about 2 1/2 pounds. They try to weight the river otter when they can but they have to be fast and sneaky. When the mother leaves to go take a dip in the water they quickly shut the door and take Mo out to get his weight and then quickly put him back in the nest. Julie Christie, the senior North America keeper at the zoo, carefully picks Mo up. Photo by Benjamin Brink/The Oregonian

  6. PORTLAND, OREGON - MARCH 6, 2013 - Wednesday morning, 21 lesser flamingos waded into the newly remodeled Africa Rainforest aviary at the Oregon Zoo, where the pink birds can be seen by zoo visitors starting March 23. The flamingos, which arrived here from the San Antonio Zoo last month, will spend the next couple of weeks getting accustomed to their new aviary, while the zoo’s animal-care staff monitors the birds’ health and safety.  The birds have not been part of the Washington Park landscape since the early 1950s, when three flamingos were given to the zoo by the Meier & Frank Co.  Photo by Benjamin Brink/The Oregonian

  7. PORTLAND, OREGON — February 21, 2013 — Jackson the chimp and Jennifer Davis, curator of primates and Africa, commune through a glass barrier at the Oregon Zoo. Photo by Motoya Nakamura/The Oregonian

  8. PORTLAND, OREGON - DECEMBER 11, 2012 - Desi, a new 2-year old male reticulated giraffe, checks out her new home at the Oregon Zoo.  Desi is 10 feet tall and arrived in an extra tall trailer from St Louis.  Benjamin Brink/The Oregonian

  9. PORTLAND, OREGON - DECEMBER 10, 2012 - Lily, Rose-Tu’s 10-day-old elephant calf, ventures outside, spending time in the the back sand yard of the Oregon Zoo’s Asian elephant habitat with her mom.   Photo by Benjamin Brink/The Oregonian

  10. PORTLAND, OREGON - November 15, 2012 -  Humboldt penguins at the Oregon Zoo have moved back into their Penguinarium which has had an upgrade to its water filtration and heating and air conditioning systems. For the last two years they have been in a modified area in the polar bear habitat.  Brent Wojahn/The Oregonian

  11. Rose-tu, left, and Shine, two of the female Asian elephants at the Oregon Zoo stretch for some food from a keeper. Rose-tu is expecting her second calf and is 16 months into a 20-22 month pregnancy. Photo by Benjamin Brink/The Oregonian

  12. April 14, 2012 — A crowd watches as Packy and greater Portland celebrate the pachyderm’s 50th birthday Saturday at the Oregon Zoo. Photo by Ross William Hamilton/The Oregonian

  13. 50 years ago on April 14, Packy arrived in a big way…not only at 225 pounds, but heralded near and far as the first elephant born in North America in 44 years. At Portland’s zoo, crowds swelled. The birth ignited an elephant-breeding frenzy across the continent, with Portland at the center of all the excitement. Today, in more enlightened, less innocent times, zoo elephants are the center of attention again, now with rights activists pushing zoos to retire their elephants to sanctuaries - and zoos resisting every step of the way. Photo by Randy L. Rasmussen/The Oregonian

  14. Mikhail, left, the male, and his twin sister Nicole, 13-year-old Amur tigers at the Oregon Zoo, do a little fighting shortly after they went on display this morning.  Both seemed to be amused by the snow in a playful way. Watch for more winter storm weather through Wednesday.  Photo by Benjamin Brink/The Oregonian

  15. From the archive: Packy, the beloved elephant, turned 49 on April 14th. The Oregon Zoo provided him with a delicious 40-pound whole-wheat cake topped with frosting, celery, and carrots. Photo by Ross William Hamilton.