Photo of the Day

A new Oregon-related photo every weekday from The Oregonian in Portland, Oregon.


  1. April 14, 2012 — A crowd watches as Packy and greater Portland celebrate the pachyderm’s 50th birthday Saturday at the Oregon Zoo. Photo by Ross William Hamilton/The Oregonian

  2. 50 years ago on April 14, Packy arrived in a big way…not only at 225 pounds, but heralded near and far as the first elephant born in North America in 44 years. At Portland’s zoo, crowds swelled. The birth ignited an elephant-breeding frenzy across the continent, with Portland at the center of all the excitement. Today, in more enlightened, less innocent times, zoo elephants are the center of attention again, now with rights activists pushing zoos to retire their elephants to sanctuaries - and zoos resisting every step of the way. Photo by Randy L. Rasmussen/The Oregonian

  3. From the archive: Packy, the beloved elephant, turned 49 on April 14th. The Oregon Zoo provided him with a delicious 40-pound whole-wheat cake topped with frosting, celery, and carrots. Photo by Ross William Hamilton.